About Asha

Asha Rani is a Brighton-based natural nutritionist working in the South East of England.

Asha worked as an in-flight cabin crew member for many years and realised that her full time occupation was becoming increasingly unhealthy, flying all over the world and often eating poorly en-route.

This led to an interest in natural nutrition and complementary health therapies that made Asha realise just how important to our health the food we eat and the lifestyles we choose can be.

As a result Asha turned her own lifestyle around, becoming healthy again in the process. She then trained as a natural nutritionist for four years, learning various complementary therapies along the way.

Today Asha is a fully qualified natural nutritionist dedicated to making people's lives healthier and happier.

Everybody is different

Asha's philosophy is to treat each client as an individual and to ensure that everybody she consults receives a tailored action plan that suits their own specific needs.

Natural nutrition is more than just healthy eating. It is a natural, holistic approach to general health and wellbeing. Asha's aim is to always look beyond the symptoms and towards the underlying cause of an illness or imbalance - thus restoring balance and harmony within.

No two people are the same and Asha prides herself on really getting to know her clients, getting to the bottom of what is affecting them and making them unwell - before supporting them throughout the process of changing their lives.

Your consultation - the next step towards getting better

By the time Asha has completed her consultation with you, she will have a thorough understanding of your lifestyle, diet and general health history. This will enable her to compile a report and action plan to suit your specific needs.

As a result of seeing Asha, you should be able to:

Find the cause of your problems rather than just trying to cope with the symptoms

Understand more about how your own health picture has built up over your lifetime

Realise how your ancestors still affect your own health

Change your health picture using dietary changes and other complementary techniques

There is no doubt that your body will feel less stressed due to your changing bio-chemistry and you will begin to understand which foods are most important and which you can do without.

You will have more energy, increased vitality, improved digestion and, importantly, you will have reduced cravings, better moods, stronger immunity and will be able to sleep better!

Asha undertakes consultations in a number of ways:

Private consultations

Email consultations

Telephone consultations


Face-to-face with Asha

Private consultations involve a one-to-one session between you and Asha. You may wish to bring a friend or family member with you if you feel this will help.

The consultations are undertaken at Asha’s clinics which are spread across various locations in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex.

Each initial consultation lasts for 1.5 to 2.0 hours. Asha will assess your health concerns and discuss your reasons for attending the clinic. An in-depth case history will then be taken to identify what is occurring and why.

This is a very important part of your treatment because it helps to establish the root of the problem, how this picture has arisen over your lifetime and what has been carried over from past generations. Once this has been established, a programme will be designed to meet your individual needs. The programme will be specific as no two people are the same and their needs will vary.

The programme will include 3 stages:

* Dietary and Fluid changes - Introducing a less challenging diet will enable the body to create space and movement and eliminate toxins at cellular level. This will be done slowly and gently as per individual’s requirements.

* Naturopathic Techniques - Naturopathic techniques are castor oil packing, enemas, water therapy, skin brushing and Epsom salt baths. These techniques have been around for centuries and have been used to assist the body when it has been struggling. These techniques will be introduced to support the changes the body will experience. Again, this will be done slowly and gently.

* Supplementation - Finally, introducing supplements will enable the body to support the change of diet and techniques.

The first two stages will cleanse the body and the final stage will start to re-nourish you.

Asha may not be able solve all your problems in one session, so please be aware that follow-up appointments (typically four to six weeks later) are likely to be recommended in order to monitor progress and develop your programme further.

Follow-up consultations are usually 45 minutes in duration, unless pre-arranged. These provide feedback on the progress in your health and allow Asha to support you further in reaching your goals.

For more information, contact Asha.

At the end of a phone line

Although Asha does prefer to see people face to face, she understands that people have busy lives or may not be able to travel to Brighton easily for a consultation.

For this reason, Asha also provides telephone consultations. The initial consultation is still 1.5 to 2.0 hours in duration and all follow-ups are 45 minutes long.

You simply choose a date and time to suit you, and if it fits into Asha’s schedule she will run the consultation with you over the phone.

To book a telephone consultation, or for more information about how they work, please contact Asha by email or phone 07788 972029