If I am prescribed drugs can I take supplements as well?

You should never stop taking your prescribed drugs unless advised to do so by your doctor. Most of the time this will not be a problem however it is important to keep your doctor and practitioner informed.

Will I get headaches during the detox?

Possibly. Headaches, spots and other acute responses may occur as your body is releasing toxins. The liver may become overwhelmed so it will use the skin as a route of elimination. This, however, can be controlled by the use of techniques.

How long will I need to stick to the diet?

The foods that will be introduced are less challenging for your body and the foods on the elimination list will be eliminated slowly and replaced by something more suitable. With the aid of techniques and supplements, your body will start to cleanse at cellular level.

Will I have to take lots of supplements?

That will depend on your individual needs. The aim is to start creating space and movement within the body by introducing a less challenging diet aided by techniques. Supplements will be introduced to help re-nurture the body.

When I work and travel on flights I always feel very bloated. What should I eat?

Flying is extremely dehydrating and stressful on the body and the digestive system, which results in poor utilization of nutrients. Wheat based foods (such as bread, pasta, etc.), dairy, alcohol and caffeine should be avoided. They are very challenging for the body, getting lots of rest and drinking plenty of water will help.